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  • CaaymanoszLeMcPro

    So hi... i have the last few days spotted that we are all posting seeds... So i decided i could make some like that to! I'll do it for both MCPE and MCPC. I'm starting with Pocket Edition.


    Well this seed is not very impressive, it still might be an adventure to explore. The world consists of a large mountain biome, with thousands of rivers, taigas and forests of any type. On your spawnpoint you have two desicions; or mountains, or spruce wood forest. I choosed mountains, which ill later take some view of. But the main place around spawn is a river with a bi cliffside and trees growing around it. Now there's nothing really special about the forests. Just trees, grass and animals crossing the lands. On the mountain side, it's more adv…

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  • CaaymanoszLeMcPro

    Note: this is still WIP. So ive followed this wiki for 3-4 months and ive noticed alot of people who are new to MC/havent experienced quite enough. Thats the point of a wiki. I get that. But i get dissapointed of the amount of stubs and the Trivia facts.

    Ill start of with the Trivia. The Trivia includes unknown knowledge; i hope you guys have found out what i mean. The trivia consists of facts when they were first stated and mentioned. That means that most of the facts can be said by a person that just started. A small example on the cocoa beans page: 'You cant eat them.' My question after reading that is; would you eat cocoa beans in real life (Yes you can, but id rather eat Pasta.)? No. So i removed that because it wouldnt make sence. The …

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  • CaaymanoszLeMcPro

    Note: This is still incomplete, im expanding it when my finger is restored. So i've followed this Wiki for about 3 months, and noticed most people are new/have a small experience. That's the point of wiki's (in this case Minecraft Wikia). I get that. But what disapoints me is the amount of stubs and the Trivias.

    What i just want is a Trivia that says trivia. That means in the Trivia, there needs to be unknown knownledge. A small example in the Cocoa Beans Trivia: You cant eat cocoa beans. I'd say, would you eat cocoa beans in real life? (Its possible, but its bad taste.)No. Thats why i removed it. Also, dont tell fake stuff, like Herobrine exists in a mod.In a mod. In a MOD. If so, we need a template for saying this wiki is about Vanilla Minecr…

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