Note: this is still WIP. So ive followed this wiki for 3-4 months and ive noticed alot of people who are new to MC/havent experienced quite enough. Thats the point of a wiki. I get that. But i get dissapointed of the amount of stubs and the Trivia facts.

Ill start of with the Trivia. The Trivia includes unknown knowledge; i hope you guys have found out what i mean. The trivia consists of facts when they were first stated and mentioned. That means that most of the facts can be said by a person that just started. A small example on the cocoa beans page: 'You cant eat them.' My question after reading that is; would you eat cocoa beans in real life (Yes you can, but id rather eat Pasta.)? No. So i removed that because it wouldnt make sence. The 2nd thing is fake stuff. Herobrine Persson, its Notch' dead brother, renember? Well many topics on this wiki talk about him, with really crazy comments line'HE EXISTS IN A MOD(s)'. In mods. In MODS. This is vannila minecraft, if you dindt know we should make a template for 'This is vannila minecraft!'. We dont want that. For now, im done with this treat, i need to go to the Hospital. See you later.

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