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  • CandD

    The Multiplayer Section

    November 17, 2012 by CandD

    Hey guys, this is your fellow Minecraft nerd wikian here on the topic of one thing: Multiplayer Content

    If there's one thing I've noticed, it's the fact that this wiki strongly lacks in Multiplayer content. But this is not what concerns me. Earlier today (11/16/12) A fellow wikian made a true statement in a article about a minecraft multiplayer server. Of course I reverted it under 'mistake/vandalization' category, but this made me wonder; Should we start to include multiplayer content?

    Warning: The section(s) you are about to read may be extremely long and rambly! Read at your own risk!

    One thing that I had asked a lead admin here recently is whether we should begin including the multiplayer feature; Multiplayer Economy. It has become very popula…

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  • CandD

    An Idea

    September 7, 2012 by CandD

    This is really strange. I had a dream I was in minecraft and I was in a boat. I found this Cove and there were pillars with some kind of ore (possibley diamonds?) in them. I kept hearing this splashing. And when I change my view, something green sticks out. It quickly dives back in and goes behind me. It then raises it's head OUT of the water and guess what... it's a sea monster! I try to get back to shore, but its still following me! And then the dream ended......

    So is there anyway I can send this stuff to Mojang? You have to admit, a sea boss would be pretty fun!

    Well anyways, here's some ideas (note, I only had one dream...):

    • The Sea Dragon. Green with large eyes and fins on the side. it will be like a snake and have a fin on it's tail. I…
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  • CandD

    What roams the night

    September 2, 2012 by CandD

    So, I don't OWN my own copy, but I do play the demo on the Xbox. And recently, during the night I've been seeing a weird red light hovering over the ground moving in the sky over the ridge (where the partially destroyed house was).

    Does anyone know what it is?

    Second, I downloaded the demo for my computer and all it does is this:

    Its really annoying. I'm not sure if it meets up with the requirements, but I keep my computer well up to date.

    Thanks for listening!

    btw, I have a few funny minecraft drawings I drew in my sketchpad, if only I could scan them to show you guys....

    My friend told me a way to get the demo to work. I doenloaded things on my computer and the demo did this: So i deleted it and it did the old screen again....

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