Hey guys, this is your fellow Minecraft nerd wikian here on the topic of one thing: Multiplayer Content

If there's one thing I've noticed, it's the fact that this wiki strongly lacks in Multiplayer content. But this is not what concerns me. Earlier today (11/16/12) A fellow wikian made a true statement in a article about a minecraft multiplayer server. Of course I reverted it under 'mistake/vandalization' category, but this made me wonder; Should we start to include multiplayer content?

Warning: The section(s) you are about to read may be extremely long and rambly! Read at your own risk!

An idea

One thing that I had asked a lead admin here recently is whether we should begin including the multiplayer feature; Multiplayer Economy. It has become very popular upon most servers and is a key way to gain un-obtainable (or at least get them for lazy people like me) items in multiplayer without having to trade in-game valuable items. Of course (no sarcasm), my suggestion was disagreed with.

Another thing that made me think was the constant reminder of having to buy VIP to obtain 'special' features (I personally think having to buy it is stupid, but that's just my opinion). Why not include this? Well, for one thing I don't want to dis-obey the leader's commands, but then again, I want to create something full of information.

Some reasons

  • Obviously if multiplayer content wasn't 'meant-to-be' the producers of Minecraft would've excluded the thought of it, but instead they used it.
  • We already include slight multiplayer content such as what you can do with items in multiplayer, commands in multiplayer, and even images from multiplayer.
  • Most people would agree that multiplayer is a large sector in minecraft, so there is room for expansion here in the wiki.

It's Mission Time!

I'm here to ask you guys your opinions, as the wikians. Should we begin to include Multiplayer Content?

If you haven't noticed already (/sarcasm), I'm full forward towards the idea of including a multiplayer sector in the wiki. In fact, I'll promise that if multiplayer content is allowed, I'll be 100% dedicated towards it, actively on Troll-and-patrol (looking for vandalism) the multiplayer sector myslef. I'll also create a template (YES!!! A TEMPLATE O_O ) for them if I have to (and the articles if you'd like). Maybe it could go something like this:

This article is about Multiplayer experiences and content and is not considered integral to the main experience of Minecraft.

This has been your fellow Minecraft fanatic,

CandD (talk) 01:46, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

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