Hey! I'm Jaime. This is just a little get-to-know-you type of blog! And sorry for any spelling mistakes my keyboard is sticky but i'm gatting a new one soon.

  1. 1: What is your fave color? Purple. And don't say it's a girl color!                                                                               #2 What is your favorite video game? Well, I like Minecraft, but I'd have to say Saint's Row.                                         #3 Fave song? See for yourself:

Bye, Guys and More to Come,

Cobalt458 02:42, December 25, 2015 (UTC)Jaime

DnB - Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind Monstercat Release04:31

DnB - Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind Monstercat Release

Frame of Mind by Tristam

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