Many people have expressed their frustration on the outrage that is trolls. No, im not talking about two-nosed, ugly magick beings, but although, thats probably where they get their name from. Im talking about annoying little kids whose only purpose in life is to, you guessed it, annoy! Minecraft is, im sorry to say it, a haven for trolls. Its a trolls dream game. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, these are a trolls main goals:

1) Maintain Secrecy

2) Annoy as Much as Possible

3) GRIEF!!!

While on the subject of greifing, it is a trolls favorite tools. Greifing is derived from the word graffiti, which is random pictures or words on a surface mean't to, you guessed it, annoy. By doing so, they anger people. To keep from being angered, here are some tips:

1) There are third party clients that let you block out greifers/trolls.

2) Make a fail-safe spawn that from which you can spawn in people manualy. So if people seem to be trying to break out, ban them, because if its not a troll, more than likely they are going to wait pateintly, otherwise, just ban them. Its not worth the trouble.

So, what have we learned? Don't be an Enderman, just follow those tips. Number 2 is a favorite, because its easier. And now, I leave you with your thoughts...

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