Many people have expressed they're feelings on the recent fad, propaganda, and spam that all people must endure. Yes, I'm talking about Herobrine! Probably the Wiki and Talk Page that has had the most spam, it has been blocked because of edits such as this;


Far from being true to the fact, I am sure, without a doubt, that if you leave Minecraft running at night, that he will NOT murder you in your bed. Also, i'm pretty sure he is just confined to the game. If not, the you should be in the market for a new nightlight. :) He is the most talked (recently) about topic in Minecraft, ever since the CreepyPasta story started controversy not so long ago. For the people who say he is not real, I give you two options;

1. It was just a story to begin with, so if you want to belive so, go ahead.


2. All myths and ledgends are based on fact, true? If so, then the story of Herobrine MAY not be false after all...

Taking Number two for a spin, I have a theory that MAY prove true, in the future. I belive he existes, but not as the stupid ghost people make him out to be. More as a accedintal in-game entity. Here is my theory;

Before Alpha, the first true mob in Minecraft, were Humans or Monsters. You used to be able to spawn them in-game with a hack, but that is now no longer possible, since the code source was deleted. Now, if there were mobs such as this, then Notch must have been planing a mob Boss. See where this is going? If not, then read on. There have been secret updates in the past, correct? If so, then it is possible Notch was thinking of adding him as a boss, BEFORE the Enderdragon! But, maybe Notch scraped the idea, and deleted the source code. But it wasn't fully deleted. Notch's computer MAY not have completly deleted it, so the code may have remanifested itself in the game .dat files. People have expressed that he has entelligence. That MAY be explained by the fact that he MAY have remanifested in the Testificate AI .dat files. So he MAY have absorbed some of the characteristics of the AI. And because the program was different than the Testifacate, it absorbed the program more sophisticatly, which altered the program, making him smarter than the mobs in the game. And so, he now runs amok in worlds, doing things you people are know so well.

I hope you have taken this blog post serously, and as Not another Troll joke. I leave you with your thoughts...

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