• Crossc36

    The House

    March 23, 2014 by Crossc36

    I worked day and night on our house, and one day, I finally got it done! Annie trotted inside, and Nukka, who was playing in the water, came out, shook the water off of him, and dashed inside. It was great having a house of my own. I knew of all the creatures that inhabited Minecraft, and I knew I wanted to tame more. Building a house was probably the best choice. My house was really big. It had two stories, but they were both big and long. Also, in my backyard, was the jungle, and a large, fenced-in area for taming horses. Also, in another one of my room, had a cat stand and a few cat beds, for taming ocelots. I didn't tame any more wolves, because I didn't want anyone of them to replace Nukka. Yep, this house was home sweet home!

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  • Crossc36

    A New Creature

    March 23, 2014 by Crossc36

    Nukka and I journeyed together ever since I've tamed him. He was my best friend, and I knew I was his. He hardly ever left my sight. But one day, we had to get down a cliff in order to reach the ground. I climbed down ok, but I couldn't control Nukka. He fell and turned red for a second, and whimpered. I picked him up, and carried him the rest of the way down. He whimpered and touched his nose to my face...he wasn't doing good, and I wasn't about to loose him. We made it to the bottom of the cliff, and I put him down. I had a supply of cooked pork chops, so I tossed one to him, and he ate it, and stood up. Good, he was full on hearts. We kept going. Suddenly, it started to get dark. I found a tree, put my bed up there, and climbed in. I he…

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  • Crossc36

    "Nukka the Wolf"

    March 15, 2014 by Crossc36

    I needed to continue on my journey, but I didn't want to leave the baby wolf. He was so cute, and he was all alone with no mother to follow.)

    Me: I think I'll call you Nukka.

    Nukka: (continues to munch on the pork chop)

    I just decided to stay with Nukka. That's how bad I wanted him. Besides, I don't want to go through all that trouble to find another wolf when there was one standing right in front of me. Plus, Nukka stole my heart. I stayed with Nukka for another day. For the night, instead of going up in the tree, I put my bed down right where Nukka was standing. I fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up, and little Nukka was walking around by my bed, but he still wasn't grown up. I just waited a little more. Then, it happened, Nukka grew up.…

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  • Crossc36


    March 13, 2014 by Crossc36

    (I went to sleep in Minecraft for the first time in forever, but again, I was waken up. I heard whimpering, barking, and the crunching of the grass below. I climbed down the tree to find out what the noise was, and it was a wolf and her two babies. The two babies followed their mother where ever she went. I hid behind the tree and watched them. The wolf was crossing a small body of water, when a skeleton swam by. It didn't bother them, but out of all the monsters, skeletons were the worst to me, I was deeply afraid of them. But, back on topic. The wolves made it across the water, and the mother got up on a ledge-like thing and kept walking. One of the babies made it, but one didn't. The jump was too high for him. I needed to rescue him, bu…

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  • Crossc36

    I missed my adventures in Minecraft. They were the best days of my life. I wanted to go back, and take Josh with me.

    Me: Hey, Josh..I want to go back to the Minecraft world, and..I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?

    Josh: What? No, way...

    Me: Yes, way! C'mon!

    Josh: No, Jess...I'm sorry, but..I like it this world..

    Tears come to my eyes.

    Me: So I guess this world is more important than me, huh?

    Josh: Of coarse it is! Oh, wait..I..didn't mean it like that...

    Me: You know what? I'm DONE with you! I'm going to the Minecraft world, and staying there!

    Josh: Wait, Jessica!

    Me: No, Josh. Nothing you say will change my mind.

    Josh: Jess! Don't!

    Before I knew what happened, I was zapped into the Minecraft world. I was back to looking like a cube, …

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