What WERE all these mysterious creatures?! WHY are they trying to KILL me?! I had a thousand questions to ask myself, but I was speechless. I looked out my glass window...and I couldn't tell...but I think it was a skeleton with a bow and arrow.

Me: THAT'S what I need...a bow and arrow!

The sun started to rise, and the zombies and skeletons caught on fire, and died. I walked outside.

Me: Wait...why are the green things and spiders still out here?

I carefully walked up to a spider, but it didn't attack me.

Me: Hmm. Must be the sunlight.

I look around.

Me: I should explore this place.

I packed up all my stuff, and walked around this minecraft world. I saw many trees and mountains. I stopped short, because I heard footsteps. They weren't mine. I whizzed around, and the green thing I saw earlier was coming straight towards me! I tried to run, but the ground was uneven, and I tripped and fell. The thing kept coming, and I pulled out a stick, and started beating it. It made lots of hissing sounds. Finally, after I hit it multiple times, it fell over and died, and gunpowder was left in its place.

Me: Gunpowder?

I pick it up and put it in my supplies. I later learned that these green monsters were called Creepers.

Me: Ok..I like, need to get OUT of here!!

I had no choice but to keep walking. Later, I came to this tall, beautiful waterfall. I gazed at it for a while, then moved on. It was started to become dark again, and since I left my house, decided to sleep in a tree for the night. The monsters didn't come out right away, so I was able to go to sleep. The next morning, I woke up, and didn't see any monsters, so I thought it was safe to move on...

....but it wasn't.

I made sure I had everything, and continued walking. Suddenly, I realized I was on a cliff, not completely on the ground. Then, I heard footsteps again. I turned around and saw two creepers and three spiders. I was trapped, and there was no where to go except down. I jumped. It was a long way down. Suddenly, I hit the ground, heard this loud cracking sound, and everything was red. I died. Suddenly, I saw this light, the same light that I saw when I was first taking to the minecraft world. Then, before I knew what happened, I was sitting in my computer chair playing minecraft.

Josh: Jess? Are you ok?

Me: Wha...huh? Oh..yeah..I'm good.

Josh: You looked terrified after you died on minecraft. (points to screen)

I see that everything is red, and the game wanted to know if I wanted to respawn.

Me: Oh. Well, it's..umm...a long story.

I smile at Josh.

(The End)

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