(I was just a normal girl. I would do my thing, ya know. I'd run cross country, and play guitar. One day was very unexpected)

Me: (playing Minecraft) This is the weirdest game I've EVER played! What is the point of this game?

My boyfriend: Oh, ya build stuff...and everything.

Me: That's not enough! There needs to be MORE to this game.

A voice in my head: Oh, but there is!

Me: Hey, Josh. Did you hear that?

My boyfriend: Hear what?

(Before I knew what happened, all I could see was light. It flashed all around me. It felt like it was an hour, and I finally opened my eyes) Where AM I? (looks around) Ohh..this is Minecraft. (I look down at my body) I have a square body! (I find some water, and look at my reflection. I have a square face, too) Oh no! My face is a cube! (I feel my face) Ok, ok..I just need to remember what you do in Minecraft. (thinks) Ok..I need to get supplies to make a house.

(I found trees, cut it down using my block hands, made wooden planks and sticks. I get cobblestone from a wooden pickaxe I crafted. I got to work on my house. I built it out of cobblestone and wooden planks. The sun just reached the horizon when I finished)

Me: The house is done! (looks at the sunset) Josh was telling me about monsters that came out at night, I'd better get in the house. (walks into the house, puts bed down, and goes to sleep. I was awaken by a thump in the middle of the night) Wha..what happened? (looks out my window. There's nothing.) Maybe Josh was wrong about the monsters. I hope he was.

(I walk outside to try to figure out what the thump was. Suddenly, I saw something green moving in the distance. I couldn't have been grass, cause grass doesn't move like that. This green thing was actually walking.

Me: Wha..what is that...

(I hear a hiss-like noise that came from behind me. I slowly turned around, and saw a huge spider on my roof! That spider probably was what caused the thump! I dodged it right as it tried to jump on me, and ran back into the house, screaming. I slammed the door behind me, and hit under the covers of my bed.)

(To be continued....) 

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