I missed my adventures in Minecraft. They were the best days of my life. I wanted to go back, and take Josh with me.

Me: Hey, Josh..I want to go back to the Minecraft world, and..I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?

Josh: What? No, way...

Me: Yes, way! C'mon!

Josh: No, Jess...I'm sorry, but..I like it this world..

Tears come to my eyes.

Me: So I guess this world is more important than me, huh?

Josh: Of coarse it is! Oh, wait..I..didn't mean it like that...

Me: You know what? I'm DONE with you! I'm going to the Minecraft world, and staying there!

Josh: Wait, Jessica!

Me: No, Josh. Nothing you say will change my mind.

Josh: Jess! Don't!

Before I knew what happened, I was zapped into the Minecraft world. I was back to looking like a cube, and I was back to adventure! I look around, and spoted some stone.

Me: I need a dang pickaxe!

I punch some wood from a tree, and use that to make a wooden pickaxe. I make cobblestone, and work my way through the stone. There was one stone I couldn't cut through, and it was iron ore! I used some of the cobblestone I had to make a stone pickaxe and sword. I used the sword later. I got the iron ore, and later make a furnace to melt it in. I got iron from that, then made shears. I squint and look at the sun.

Me: The sun will set soon, I need to use my shears to get the wool from sheep.

I gathered my stuff, and continued on. I later found a sheep. I used my shears to get its wool. It gave me three blocks of wool.

Me: That all I need. Thanks, buddy.

Sheep: BA

I continue walking. By this time, the sun is now setting. I climb a tree, and set my bed down up there...away from the monsters. Who knows what kind of surprises the morning will bring?

(The End)

Me in Minecraft -

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