(I went to sleep in Minecraft for the first time in forever, but again, I was waken up. I heard whimpering, barking, and the crunching of the grass below. I climbed down the tree to find out what the noise was, and it was a wolf and her two babies. The two babies followed their mother where ever she went. I hid behind the tree and watched them. The wolf was crossing a small body of water, when a skeleton swam by. It didn't bother them, but out of all the monsters, skeletons were the worst to me, I was deeply afraid of them. But, back on topic. The wolves made it across the water, and the mother got up on a ledge-like thing and kept walking. One of the babies made it, but one didn't. The jump was too high for him. I needed to rescue him, but I had to get past the skeleton, first. I ran as fast as a could, swam across the body of water to the other side, but the skeleton saw me, first. It quickly began shooting it's arrows at me. I got out my gold sword, and only had to hit it twice to kill it. I put my sword away, and approached the baby wolf. It was afraid of me.)

Me: Hey there, sweetie.

(I held out my hand to him. He smelled it. It was clear to me that this wolf was a boy. I couldn't tame him until he grew up. I held out a pork chop to him. He smelled it and quickly took it out of my hands and began eating it.)

Me: Aw, I guess you were hungry.

(The baby wolf looked up at me and yipped. I smiled at him and looked over the ledge that the mommy wolf and her one baby climbed over. She and the baby were gone. I felt so bad for this wolf, and I wanted to take him with me on my travels, but I couldn't...not until he was grown up. I looked around. It seemed like he was the only wolf out tonight. I swam back to the other side and went back to my tree, hoping he would follow, but he didn't. He just stayed there and finished the pork chop. I went back to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and looked across the river to where the baby wolf was. He wasn't there. I picked up my bed and climbed down the tree. I looked around, and didn't see him. I was hungry. I pulled out a pork chop, and I was about to eat it, when I heard a whimpering behind me. I turned around and saw the baby wolf. He was standing there cocking his head and looking at the meat. Oh, how I wished he would grow up so I could tame him! I bent down and gave him the rest of my pork chop.) 

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