In May, or a possible January, Mojang will release the all-new Mod API. This will give you a chance to try all those cool Mods you've been wanting to try like mad, but the installing was too confusing. To extend your Minecraft content after the update, try these interesting downloads:

Questworld Map

Aether Mod

Ice Pixie Mod

And to boost the awesomeness, Mojang will also add new Creative mode features, bug fixes, and tiny details to polish Minecraft and gear it up for it's other future updates. Also, be prepared for new future mobs such as the Red Dragon and Horses, and also suprisingly an old Creepy Pasta to appear as a Nether mob. Jeb has stated he has plans to add Herobrine to Nether, and THANKFULLY that menace will not appear in the Overworld. Also be on the lookout for Pigmen! Some say in the future when Mojang adds Pigmen, you'll better check out the pigs you're about to slaughter! Killing a pig may result in it getting up and fighting you back.

For those who missed Minecon, the Vinyl Creeper figurine is now available on Jinx. SamCube plans to add his new Minecraft poster to the awesomeness in the days after New Years too, so be on the watch for sweet, new Minecraft merchandise, plus the upcoming Lego Minecraft!

That's all I have to go over for now, and I will go over details possibly next week. In the meantime, as a tip for Herobrine haters, build up your Nether bases tall and wide if you don't wan't "him"entering it. And let me tell you, I will plan to never head into Nether again after that update...

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