Well i got tired of building houses and farms so i'm just going to say this but i made this gamemode up about amnesia, a Horror game for the PC inspired me to put a amnesia kind of feel into minecraft (which there are no spawn eggs for zombies and creepers are too combustible for indoor use) so for this gamemode were going to be using players which will be seperated in two teams of 3 in one building which is Dark and contains numerous puzzles such as a Iron door with no lever/button, A pool of water which will slow down individual players and Hostile dispensers to keep some players out of a certain area.


The Survivors first start the game with stone swords and the game begins once they enter the building, they must solve numerous puzzles while being chased after by the other team and also must escape the building without cheating (destorying walls/ceilings or using explosives is considered cheating). If all survivors die then the enemy team wins.

  • respawns:0
  • Main Goal: Solve puzzles/Escape the building
  • Secondary Goal: Kill hunters


The Hunters first start inside the building and are armed with stone swords they have unlimited respawns but are not allowed to kill the other team for 5 seconds upon entry. The Hunters main goals are to reset puzzles and kill all survivors before they escape the building alive, if they fail to do so then the survivors win and teams are switched.

  • Respawns:Unlimited
  • Main Goal: Kill all survivors
  • secondary Goal: Reset puzzles

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