Here are some things that I wish to see in the future update.


  • Rice cake: restores 3 hunger made with 2 fish and 2 wheat
  • Pound Cake: Restores 5 hunger made with 1 egg 3wheat and 1milk bucket can be used 4times
  • Dog meat: Restores some hunger but has 80% chance of food poisoning


  • Iron Arrow: does slightly more damage then normal arrows made with 1 arrow and 1 iron
  • Enflamed Arrow: Does Damage per second on any mob it hits except for zombie pigmen and Ghast (there immune to fire) made with 1 arrow and flint&steel
  • Slime Arrow: Sticks to enemies and does damage per hit while reducing movement wares off after a few a seconds. Made with 1 arrow and 2 slime balls
  • Ender Knife: made with 2diamond and 2 Enderpearls does 3x more damage then a diamond sword but breaks quickly when it hits obesidan, stone blocks or cobblestone.
  • Crossbow: made with 4wood sticks 2string and one bow, shoots further and does more damage then a bow.
  • War Hammer: made with 4iron 2 leather and a pickaxe, it can destroy multiple blocks (6x6) but it causes the hunger bar to deplete with every swing and only does 6 1/2 hearts of damage

Blocks and items etc.

  • Spawn block: Made with 8 redstone and 1 diamond, it places down a spawn point for the specific player and re-equips them with one wooden pickaxe and a map.
  • Rosary: made with 1 book and 4 redstone, allows the player to revive themselves after death

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