I understand that Minecraft was first made on PC, but you do realise that theres another form of minecraft on the xbox360 thats kind of being ignored here. I was going to ignore this like everybody else but when i looked at the Silverfish page and the Minecraft Xbox360 Edition Page, my mind had the rageguy playing in my head i can not believe that our staff will just ignore that information for nearly up to a year. Wake up people its  2013 and the page hasn't been updated at all, Ranting is immature yes i know its not right to rant on a wiki but the staff had a year to update that page not thirty seconds or five minutes, it was unedited for almost a year if you don't believe me then check the page and it will say "Last update since December 12,2012". but i don't know maybe by the time i finish this blog on the current time of 12:38 PM on my computer at school then it will magically disappear and you will usually say "What" or one of you will get ***** off at me and block me because of a short temper...Just update the page please.


I few photos of minecraft related subjects such as plushies and bracelets.

  • Cardborad Diamond Necklace O_0
  • Creeper Braclet :D
  • Steve action figure and a grass block
  • Creeper Plushie :D
  • Go Team Creepers >:D

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