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  • I live in Washington State, in the U.S of A
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  • Darth Sidrel

    Hey, guys. I'm wondering if any of you can help me with a problem with Minecraft PC Multiplayer. Here's my dilemma: about a week ago I took my laptop to a friend's house to play Minecraft PC with them. They had several laptops, so we all had a laptop to us for Multiplay. But my laptop wasn't working with.multiplayer properly: if any of my friendd had a world open to LAN, it wouldn't show up on my computer. We were all connected to the same wi-fi and everything, but my friend's LAN world just wouldn't show up on my laptop. It worked with everyone else's. And when I had one of my worlds open to LAN, it would show up on my friend's laptops, but when they tried to join, it would display some sort of Javascript error. No matter what we did, we …

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