My favorite general biome has to be the Plains biome. There's a lot of trees, possibility of a Village, and lots of grass for Wheat seeds. Another favorite biome of mine is the Mesa Biome because it has Red Sand, Red Sandstone, various kinds of Clay, and Gold Ore close to the surface. Another favorite biome of mine has to be the Savannah biome because it has the rare Acacia tree. The Desert's nice, but there aren't that many trees. I love the Mushroom Island biome, but you could spend weeks in real life trying to find one, even if you're going in a straight-ish line. Spruce isn't overly remarkable. Its only uses, that I've seen, are the occasional Podzol deposit, Wolves that can be turned into Dogs, and Rabbits, which can give Raw Rabbit, Rabbit Hide (Four Rabbit Hide equals 1 Leather from a Cow or horse), and Rabbit's Foot.

I suppose the Jungle biome isn't too bad. Fires may spread rapidly, but they're the only place you can find Ocelots and Cocoa Beans.

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