Hello. I know that many of the users of this wiki play Minecraft (Duh, :P). Anyway, I have an OK Minecraft server. Currently it lags a little all the time and sometimes lags a lot. It is also not on all the time. You must be white-listed to go on. To request to be white-listed, reply with your Minecraft user, your experience on servers, how I can trust you, would you want to be an admin (And why), and why you want to be on the server. The IP is . The server does require a few MANY mods, which are listed here.


Forge Build 164

InfiCraft Hunger Tweaks 1.0.2 and World Tweaks 1.3

Collectable skeleton arrows MC 1.2.5 (Optional)


CodeChickenCore 0.5.3

OptiFine HD C3 Multi-Core or Smooth (Optional)

mods Folder

InfiCraft Modpack, 1.2.5, current

ComputerCraft 1.33

mnet 0.02

LyqydNet API

OP Panel (Controller) 1.2.5_6

ccSensors (1.2.5) Build 017pr2

Buildcraft-Industrailcraft Crossover 1.28

Buildcraft (All) 2.2.14

Buildcraft Additional Pipes 2.1.3

Forestry A BC 2.2

Industrialcraft2 1.95B

Buildcraft C BucketFilter 2.2.14

NEI RailCraft Plugin

NEI RedPower Plugin 1.2.3

Plugins for Forestry 1.1c

PowerConverters 1.3.4 BC 2.2

Railcraft 5.3.2

RedPower (All) 2.0 PR5 B2 1.2.5

WirelessRedstone-Chicken Bones Edition (Core, Addons, and RedPower)

Equivalent Exchange 2 - v1.4.6.5

Inventory Tweaks 1.41b (Optional)

Immibis Core 49.0.7, TubeStuff 49.0.7, and Dimensional Anchor PR3

Advanced Machines v4.1

Compact Solars 2.3

Nuclear Control v 1.1.9

IronChests 3.4


LWJGL 2.8.5 (Optional)

Folder buildcraft

Folder config

Folder redpower

Folder resources

Equivalent Exchange Props File


Java 7 (Optional)

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