As you can see by the title my day as been made. :P I was able to finally able to get rid of slimes and explore. I found that rubber tress were right next to me the whole time! :D So I disabled slime pool generation, changed the blocks IDs for slime pool and slime gel, got a mod to disable slime, and a mod to allow me to craft slimeballs. All of this so I could find some rubber and make some progress. I got the sticky resin off with a treetap first. Two sticky resin on the tree gave me six sticky resin total. I also got four rubber wood and one rubber stapling! :D I also got some beef. It was getting dark, so I went back to my house. I smelted the six sticky resin into six rubber and cooked my 5 raw beef into steak. I used two coal in my iron furnace. I was happy. Then it was time to go to bed so I went to my basement of my house as everyday. I had my back against the wall facing the ladder. I got my sword out and blocked. Then I logged off. Tomorrow I will craft my copper cables and rubber together to insulate them. Then I will make a generator. I will also get more rubber and maybe kill a few more cows. I might mine a few ores at where the slime pool used to be. Anyway, I am now a happy fishy. :D :P Peace.

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