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  • I live in CORE
  • My occupation is Mettaton's stunt double
  • I am Female
  • Dying Light Assassin

    Hey, guys! Dying Light Assassin here. I was just wanting to know, what is your favorite texture pack? I like the festive, Greek mythology, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Halo, and the Halloween texture packs. What's your favorite? I like the Greek mythology one because they make the hostile mobs look like Greek monsters (e.g. Enderman is a Cyclops, Zombie is a Centaur, and Spider is some kind of spider with a woman's face). I like the Festive texture pack because the creators of the texture pack make the End Portal Frame a noseless reindeer and the eye of Ender a red nose (so technically you have to put the nose on the portal frame to make it Rudolph) and how they make the Ender dragon, a dragon with a Santa suit and hat.

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