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  • I live in I live in the uk
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is I don't think I have one
  • I am I am a boy
  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Hey guys! LudwigVonKoopa22 here. Back after a long break. Over time I developed more Minecraft ideas. Lemme know which ones you agree with!

    • Butter - Made by cooking milk in a furnace. Replaces milk when baking cakes. Can be used to make cakes and Mashed potatoes (see further down)
    • Green apples - 0.1% chance of dropping from an Oak Tree.
    • Blackberry - 90% chance of dropping from a Blackberry bush (see new blocks/decoration section)
    • Mashed potatoes - Can be crafted using a potato, a bucket of milk and butter.
    • Hash browns - Combine a potato and butter in a crafting table. Cook it in a furnace to restore more health.

    • Blackberry bush - Found in flower forests.
    • Sapphire ore - Used to create armor and tools.
    • Magnesite ore - Used to create armor and tools. …

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  • EllegaardRedstone22

    Minecraft Ideas

    February 14, 2016 by EllegaardRedstone22

    I have a list of Minecraft ideas that could possibly change the entire game if added. (I'm actually honestly just looking for  an excuse to share my ideas).

    • This is an idea to go along with the furnace. Wanna cook some bread? A toaster is the thing for you. Put 6 iron ingots and a piece of redstone dust into the crafting interface and you have yourself a toaster. This can be used for toast or decoration in a kitchen or a breakfast place.
    • Yeah, you can have pork chops for breakfast, but we have bread, so how about some toast to go with it? To make toast, you need to put it in a toaster, and power it with any redstone circuit.
    • We've had toast for breakfast. But what about lunch/dinner? Do you like hamburgers? Because if you put two pieces of bread a…

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