Hey guys! LudwigVonKoopa22 here. Back after a long break. Over time I developed more Minecraft ideas. Lemme know which ones you agree with!

Food items

  • Butter - Made by cooking milk in a furnace. Replaces milk when baking cakes. Can be used to make cakes and Mashed potatoes (see further down)
  • Green apples - 0.1% chance of dropping from an Oak Tree.
  • Blackberry - 90% chance of dropping from a Blackberry bush (see new blocks/decoration section)
  • Mashed potatoes - Can be crafted using a potato, a bucket of milk and butter.
  • Hash browns - Combine a potato and butter in a crafting table. Cook it in a furnace to restore more health.

New blocks/decorations

  • Blackberry bush - Found in flower forests.
  • Sapphire ore - Used to create armor and tools.
  • Magnesite ore - Used to create armor and tools.

New Armor/Tools

  • Sapphire tools - Stronger than Iron, Weaker than diamond
  • Magnesite tools - Stronger than diamond.
  • Stone tools - Stronger than leather, weaker than iron.
  • Chain tools - Rare drop from zombies and skellies. Stronger than wood, weaker than iron.

That's it for now!