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  • My occupation is Looking for treasures around Jamaa
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  • Faci50

    Hello and welcome to my blog post, I was generating random worlds and this is what I found. If you would like to get the same world, then enter the seeds down bellow.

    Minecraft Biome/seeds

    -201373687= Three biomes, (a swamp the over world and a desert.)

    2049369573= Mountains with the oak, birch and spruce wood tree's, and empty land that's great for building on.

    -1448610848= Mountains tree's, and a monster spawner in a nearby cave, this world is a great survival world.

    1404986100= This seed features, Two islands and mushroom biomes.

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  • Faci50


    July 9, 2017 by Faci50

    I experienced a very irregular minecraft glitches, feel free to add.

    First glitch: The snow turned grey

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  • Faci50

    Make a creative world. Look for good addons/maps/texture packs. Enchant your armour. Build a house. Spawn a wolf. Die his collar to blue. Spawn another dog. Die her collar yellow. Spawn a horse. Put diamond armour on the horse. Put a saddle on the horse. Make an aquarium (With guardians and squids in it.) Plant a chest. Put all the enchanted stuff in it. That was a mouthful! Psst: My favourite item in minecraft is probabally enchanted armour :D

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