• Sofa - Requires 5 wool, 3 at the bottom, 1 in the middle left and one in the middle right. Comes in all 16 colors just like beds.
  • Flour - Crafted from wheat.

Non-Craftable Items

  • Sulphur Ore - Instead of killing a bunch of creepers for their gunpowder. Same rarity as iron and requires at least a stone pickaxe.
  • Smeltore - An enchantment that automatically gives you items such as stone, iron, and gold instead of cobblestone, iron ore, and gold ore.
  • Veal - Dropped by baby cows.
  • Lamb - Dropped by baby sheep.


  • Giraffes - Found in Savannah biomes.
  • Raccoons - Found in Marsh biomes.
  • Frogs - Found in Marsh biomes.
  • Wizards - A stronger version of the witch and is considered a "mini boss" just like the Elder Guardian.
  • Dolphins - Found in ocean biomes.

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