We all know that redstone is tricky . Thus , i have given a way to make a friggin' MACHINEGUN TUTORIAL !!!!!!!!!!

Section headingEdit

Materials :

  • 1 dispenser
  • unlimited arrows 
  • a lot of repeaters
  • a lot of redstone  
  • 1 lever 
  • blocks to put on 

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Steps :

put a repeater . put redstone . turn right . put a repeater . put redstone . turn right . put a repeater and redstone . this will give 4 redstone and four repeaters . put a lever . activate it , then almost the second you activate it , break the lever . did i mention to connect a dispenser full of arrows to it ? now , you are done . 

note : i will add pictures soon . 

TRIVIA  : you can use it to form :

  • machineguns
  • strobe lights
  • wipeout-like traps 
  • parkour piston challenges 


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