aka Unknown - and that is my real name

  • I live in dragon island
  • My occupation is Studemt
  • I am Male
  • Gingerninger5120

    When achievements are on a wiki, 75% of them want to be on the leader board, so they post random things, do random stuff which has to be corrected by the people how made the wiki in the first place and the 75% of people are blocked for there stupid doing and then they start to mess up the wiki again and they get upset.

    However, When achievements are not on the wiki, people just want to contributeand are nicer but the people how made the wiki in the first place has to do mostly by thenself.

    Please leave comments on your point off view on this.

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  • Gingerninger5120

    If there were cooler weponds in minecraft it would make the game more interestingand fun.

    But i think the weponds should still be old fashond because it's minecraft



    throughing knifes

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