Ok Guys first of all u probubly wont believe me on this.  But im still going to tell y'all the story.  I was playing my game on xbox 360 minecraft and i saw this greifer who looked like he was in creative mode.  I was on survival and thought well my game must be online. It wasnt.  I was ticked off and ran up and tried to kill him. It failed, he killed me with one hit with his fist and I had full health and hunger. (With a full suit of iron armor.)   Then I ragequitted.  So I saw before I died that He had a black skin with blue gloves, blue boots, and a wlue mask with a huge green smile on his mask.  So what i did is i went on nova skin and made his skin to show it 2 y'all So if youve had the same thing happen 2 u then, PLEASE tell me!!!  I will update this when I find anwsers.  Bye Guys

Update 7/9/2014

So guys I found something out today.  This morning I posted this on twitter and almost automaticly got a reply.  The person Said = "Ive had almost the same thing happen to me.  It was on xbox and I saw this same skin, my game was offline (I dont even have xbox live).  I dont know his name but when I find out I will tell you.  I would reccomend asking Notch.  P.S. I call him smiley.  P.P.S. I also dont know whats under the mask." So im hoping he wasnt lying.  And I replied thank you!!! but got no responce back yet.  I will find something out guys i promise.

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