Green Sapphire the Crystal Gem

  • I live in idk
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is singing Green Day
  • I am female
  • Green Sapphire the Crystal Gem

    OK,so I play Minecraft a lot (maybe a little TOO much), but who doesn't? But I have also been noticing strange glitches in the game (I have the ps3 version). So this one time I was building a house on there, and a pig is in the house, no prob,right? WRONG! I missed a spot in the ground and there was a hole, so I went to cover it up. Well the dumb pig is going to JUMP into the hole and is stuck in there and can't move. I tried hitting the pig, a carrot on a stick, everything!!! I eventually killed it, but my question is, "Why does Minecraft have weird glitches in it?" To me it doesn't make sense that a simple farm animal jumps in a hole and has to be killed just so I can fill it in! Does it to you? Well I guess this is the end, BYE!

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