This is something i have a lot of fun doing creating villages at spawns add villagers and expanding forever. In our village there is many thing we do and do not like. In our village we have many forms of payment to gain an expansion from me you must pay me 25 dollars in the game. Iron ingot=1 dollar(s) Gold ingot=5 dollars(s) Coal is a rare form of currency you may use it as 5 dollars but is not available to expand houses but can be used at any of the town super or black markets. Some people trade things such as potions they may be traded not with currency but normal everyday items apples, carrots, wheat, etc. our town is open to anyone joining and we support any users joining. Too many people results in massive lag make the server unable to use mics so be aware of the number of people in the server. Our village has rules that will be read if you join breaking them will result in me myself kicking and setting a ban on you joining. If you get a little out of line i take away your permissions to build and such and lock you in my jails if you do me some good or bad there is karma givin to those who help.

                       GOOD 1----5----10----5----1 BAD 

This is how the karma system goes you start with a 10 do something good get rewarded and bring you back to 10 be bad i must punish you and you must lose a permission to do/get or use anything. Getting a 5 in BAD will result in a temporary kick a 1 you go to in BAD will result in being banned from the server many people come a day and remember a chest every day spawns for everyone to have we share it with everyone especially new people.

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