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  • Laagone


    October 2, 2011 by Laagone

    Just a minor thing: we have introduced the guidelines of the wiki. You should go check them out, since they're important for everyone to know - how to behave, what to do and not do etc. The list is still under construction, but the most important things are there.

    Link here!

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  • Laagone


    Due to lack of active administrators and bureaucrats and thus the inability to maintain the wiki, I decided to request the adoption of the wiki at Community Central.

    Just in case you barely know about adminship, here's it in a nutshell:

    What admins can exclusively do:

    • Delete and restore pages
    • Protect and unprotect pages (locking it from editing from either anons or non-admins)
    • Edit and rename 99% everything
    • Block users from editing

    There's more too, but here's the most important ones. Also, bureaucrats are administrators with the same powers, with the addition of being able to add flags to users: rollback, administrator and bureaucrat, and able to remove them from the former two.

    I'll keep everyone informed if the request will pass (which it wi…

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