Hello!so i go onto realms one day and i find that and find out that literaly everything was greifed.not even one of my inventions was standing.thankfully the greifer was still online so i found out who it was.he said that deserved every single bit of it.i dont remember what started it.but it sounded like something i said.(i was quiet most of the time seeing as i was occupied with finishing my projects) whatever i said mustve completly popped his top (litteraly his skin was a trash can).i would send some pictures but of course,i didnt take any.i was too busy rushing to do a there you go.that was my first and so far my worse greif ever.and of course the realms wouldnt even let me use /ban or /kick.wich i quite frankly find stupid but what can i do?so i downright remove him from the whitelist

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