• Mcdude man

    An overdue update...

    January 15, 2015 by Mcdude man

    Its been a while since I posted about my adventures in Minecraft, but for good reason... I have been very busy mining and building! Now I know last time I mentioned I was going to do some exploring and hopefully finish my railroad on my treehouse map... But I ended up doing something else entirely.

    So I decided to play on the seed that I came across before that looked very promising and you can find that seed and the guide I wrote for it over on my user page. Anyway, so I enlisted the help of a friend, Buffalo, in creating our new settlement.

    Now, you may think I am being a bit cheap or even cheating by using the seed that I already explored and know where stuff is, but too bad I did it anyway. We started off by heading over to that chapel i…

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  • Mcdude man

    Big railroad

    December 29, 2014 by Mcdude man

    So yesterday I started making a railroad to get across a large desert to a mine/cave filled with ore (that I have been mining for a while but it is very large. I had a large amount of iron in storage so I decided I could start laying some track. It is going to take a lot of work to finish but it is probably 40% done (about 200+ pieces of track so far). Maybe I will add another track that will simply take me down into another mine that is near my home that goes down diagonally. Nothing fancy, just a track to go up and down. But first I will still need to get a lot more iron!

    Since my cats mysteriously disappeared, I have been working in peaceful mode to avoid creepers for the time being. I also decided to add a fireplace to my treehouse. And…

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