So yesterday I started making a railroad to get across a large desert to a mine/cave filled with ore (that I have been mining for a while but it is very large. I had a large amount of iron in storage so I decided I could start laying some track. It is going to take a lot of work to finish but it is probably 40% done (about 200+ pieces of track so far). Maybe I will add another track that will simply take me down into another mine that is near my home that goes down diagonally. Nothing fancy, just a track to go up and down. But first I will still need to get a lot more iron!

Since my cats mysteriously disappeared, I have been working in peaceful mode to avoid creepers for the time being. I also decided to add a fireplace to my treehouse. And it looks nice.

I have made a couple trips to the Nether (which I still don't know what the point of going there is...) and gathered quartz and stuff. Luckily I have autosave disabled as I have accidently fallen into lava twice.

Today I may take a trip over to the nearby Taiga biome and see if there is anything of interest. I have already scouted around in creative mode to see if there were villages anywhere near, but I didn't find any, so I am all alone for now.

I notice a lot of people find Endermen to be creepy and scary, but I actually think they are ok. I think of them as being very self-consious and get upset if you look at their face. Otherwise you can literally walk into them and they dont mind. I like to think that they just want to enjoy moving things around in peace, not to harm. I would much rather climb down my treehouse to find a bunch of Endermen wandering around than to find a creeper or even a skeleton around.

...I hate those stupid skeletons.

They rarely miss you and they run after you. But at least they arent that bad and die during the day... unlike spiders...

I really hate the spiders...

They are fast, and they jump and climb and ugh they are hard to kill without getting hurt! They are big and creepy and make awful noise!

Anyway, I am hoping to progress with my rail line and have it fully functional. Just need to get more iron... I wish I had friends that played and could help me out.

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