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  • My occupation is Finding ores in Minecraft.
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    October 24, 2012 by Minecraft246

    Here is a suggestion page I thought I would add here. Please comment your ideas if you would like yours included!

    Sourced from: Any suggestion blog posts on this wiki.

    Netherrock can be found under Netherrack.

    Suggested by: Minecraft246

    Darkenstone is a dark blue ore in the Nether that removes light, rather than creating it like Glowstone Ore. Just as common as Glowstone Ore.

    Suggested by: Minecraft246

    More Nether Ores, like Nether Gems.

    Suggested by: Minecraft246

    Lava pebbles (these make you jump up and down)

    Suggested by: Minecraft246

    Magic green fire, which damages hostile mobs, and heals the player. Just normal fire inverted. (Very rare)

    Suggested by: Minecraft246

    Enderman-like creatures that come from the Nether.

    Suggested by: Raccoon fan

    End Stone…

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  • Minecraft246

    Are you bored of sheep invading your garden?

    Do you want redstone energy that turns on and off?

    You've come to the right place.

    1. Dig a hole 6 blocks deep and 2 blocks wide.

    2. Put a sticky piston at the very bottom that faces towards you.

    3. Look down, and put a block of coloured wool beneath you.

    4. Put a pressure plate on top of the piston.

    5. Get some dirt and keep looking down, and keep jumping while putting the dirt over the blue wool until you are at the top.

    6. Now go to the bit next to the dirt you placed (not the hole, on the opposite side)

    7. Dig straight down until you see the blue wool.

    8. Remove the blue wool.

    9. Create an underground room here, at the opposite side of where the sticky piston is.

    10. Now put the block you want to keep m…

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