Hey guys Minecrafter here!  

      I am pleased to announce that I am making a mini-game! It is called BURN EVERYTHING! the objective of the game is as it sounds burn everything! You get 1 point for every flammable block you burn ( any type of wood, stairs, planks etc., wool, leaves etc.) you will start out with 18 flint and steels and 9 buckets of lava. You will also get a bow with flame and infinity as well as power 5. You can ONLY kill a person by using the bow not your tools, if you do you are disqualified. Every person you kill will be 10 points with a extra 5 if the person is awesome. Last man standing wins, or if time runs out the person with the most points wins.  You will be subject to play on an infinite minecraft map and burn every flammable block in site, if you spawn on mountain tough luck.

I might be giving my ideas to MinecraftPVP The minecraft pvp community.

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