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    My Screen Shots!

    February 11, 2012 by MrLegoman

    I took some Screenshots of my worlds...

    The picture below was my first day. I took armour from the blacksmith! I was starting to build my "patio".

    To the left was my tamed wolf on top of a 30 block high wall !!!

    My Nether biome was complete with Pig Zombies, Ghasts, Magma Cubes, and Blaze. I first made a Cobblestone wall and then I covered the base with Netherrack. After that, I made adjustments in elevation and made pools of Lava. When all walls were complete, I added Glowstone Block to the ceiling for natural light.

    My Cave house began as a dugout in a hill. Then it grew and grew and has 4 Mining tunnels. I have skylights, Sugar Canes and I used to have Chicks untill they got lost in my tunnels...

    Hope you enjoy!

    MrLegoMan T 03:24, February 18,…

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  • MrLegoman


    December 6, 2011 by MrLegoman

    Thanks again!

    Uh.. I'd like to thank Slim Shady for this award. Shady, your music inspires me and keep on going.

    Thanks to myself, thanks me, for teachin' myself to program C#.

    Thanks to my next-door neighbour for teachin' me C++ and thx to Microsoft Visual Basic Express for teaching me VB.

    Cheers to Notch for inspiring people to turn from their normal lives to gamers (No offence)

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  • MrLegoman

    About Me!

    December 6, 2011 by MrLegoman

    Hi crafters,

    My name is Slim Shady :D It's actually MrLegoman.

    I love Minecraft and have Beta 1.0 . I'm a self-proclaimed geek (not a nerd) and enjoy my time with friends, looking at my YouTube channel every hour to see if I have any more subs and reading books. Me and my friend are currently undergoing a MC awesomness coming out on my YouTube Channel. It'll be explosive!

    MrLegoman_____ML 01:25, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

    Woo! Facepunch!

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