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    March 4, 2014 by NightWeilder

    It is possible to team with other people in some mini games. Like in CTF and Hunger Games. In Hunger Games you never know who you can trust. You have to have a trustable teammate. Alot of people team with other people then double cross them. I am not one of those people. When somebody double crosses me I just shake my head. In CTF you are put on either of 2 teams. One time I saw one of my team teaming up with the other team -__- . 

    I hope this blog is helpful to people. Make sure you can team with somebody you can trust :)


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  • NightWeilder

    Hello guys this is my first blog on Minecraft Wiki. I am making this blog to the people that don't know alot about hunger games. Hunger games is a mini-game that usually consists of 1-50 players. In the beggining when the game starts the players race to some chests that have items that will help you survive against your hunger and the other players. Sometimes, about 4 minutes  into the game and you still surviving there is something called a feast. The feast has really special stuff in it like diamond armor and swords.

    Well thats it guys I hope this blog was really helpful :)


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