Hello everybody.

In this blog post, I'm going to talk about the new MineCraft 1.8 banners.

MineCraft 1.8 has just recently been released, and the banners are something that I really find impressive. I mean: who could've guessed, on the release of the Alpha, the Beta and even on the official release that MineCraft could come this far? Vanilla MineCraft still has the same feeling it had half a year ago, yet there has been tons of changes.

What I personally like most about the banners is that you can personalize them with a main color, and even add patterns onto it. Even the Mojang logo can be added, even though I wouldn't advise checking that out for the Survival players out there (it consumes a golden apple). The cool thing is that you can experiment with them, try out new colors and patterns. You can, litterally, style your own wallpaper using these banners! The coolest thing for people who want to create a wallpaper, is that you can copy the pattern you've just created over to another banner (of the same color, ofcourse). This allows for you to make loads of banners without having to spend all of that precious dye on it and also allows for you to actually have the exact same pattern in every single corner of the room. Sadly, you can't place a banner in a corner. This would be the cherry to the cake.

Ofcourse, you shouldn't add the cherry to the cake when it's still hot: the update has just been released, if you would add the "cherry" to it, it would seem like that's just a part of the whole.

This is it for this blog post, I hope you have all enjoyed.


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