This is my first Minecraft blog.

Improved Wire

There should be a new type of wire... Powerstone wire.

See the Crafting recipes below.

Wire Crafting

The crafting recipe for Wire.

Powerstone Ore

Powerstone ore. It is about as rare as Redstone. Drops Powerstone dust.

The wire can go six times farther than Redstone Dust. It can be put go up walls and on the ceiling.

Powerstone Repeater

The Powerstone Repeater is just like the Redstone Repeater, but since Redstone Repeaters don't work with Powerstone Wire, you need a Powerstone Repeater.

Powerstone Inverter
Powerstone Repeater Crafting

Powerstone Repeater Crafting

Also, you can craft an Inverter. This acts JUST like a normal Redstone inverter, just this one takes up one block and is for Powerstone.
Powerstone Inverter Crafting

Crafting for a Powerstone inverter

Powerstone Ore

This ore is about as rare as Redstone. When mined, it will drop a bunch of Powerstone.

Powerstone Block

Powerstone blocks are used for the crafting of the Transmitter and Receivers.


Transmitters are blocks that send out a Wireless signal to Receivers of the same color. To activate Transmitters, you need to simply use a lever, button, pressure pad or Powerstone Torch next to it.


Bacon is a drop from Pigs. Sometimes they drop Pork, sometimes they drop Bacon. They are just the same as Pork, exept it's BACON!!!
Raw Bacon

Raw Bacon


Cooked Bacon

Transmitter crafting

This is the crafting for a Transmitter. (The Lapis is supposed to be a Powerstone block) You can use any dye. For a receiver, put the dye in the bottom right. This is a Blue transmitter.

Powerstone Block crafting

Powerstone block crafting

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