Welcome to the Dream World!

This blog tells you about another Minecraft idea: The Dream World.

How do you access the Dream World?

To get to the Dream World, you must simply sleep in a bed. There is a 3/5 chance that instead of skipping to day, you will be transported to the Dream World!

What is it like in the Dream World?

There are different types of "Dreams." There's Normal Dream, Nightmare, and very rarely, Vision.

Normal Dream

Sky The "Normal Dream" Dream can spawn you in a randomly generated area, the "Skylands" (Please add them, Jeb!) Or right next to your bed. During a Normal Dream, your Render Distance is set to either Tiny or Small. Normal Dreams can also be in any time, except spawning next to your own bed, where the time is the same as when you got in the bed. Normal dreams are also set on Peaceful Mode. It has a 3/6 chance of happening.


Netherfortress The "Nightmare" Dream can spawn you in a randomly generated area, the Nether, (only if you entered it yet) and the End. (The Enderdragon will not spawn, and again, only if you've entered it yet.) During a Nightmare, your Render Distance is set to Normal. (There is a setting that does not let this happen, instead, making it Small Render Distance.) Nightmares will always take place during the night. Nightmares are set on Normal Difficulty (Unless you're in the Nether or End, where it's Hard Difficulty. It has a 2/6 chance of happening.


The End "Vision" is the rarest of the three dreams. It has a 1/6 chance of happening. Instead of giving you control of the player, it will show a video. The videos will be quick, and are only clips of other players doing these things. When the video is over, you will wake up, and it will be morning.


If you haven't built a Nether Portal, it will show a video of a player harvesting Obsidian, making a portal, and lighting it. If you have gotten into the Nether, but not collected any Blaze rods, it will show a Nether Fortress, and a player slaying a Blaze. If you get the Blaze Rod, but no Ender Peals, it will show a player killing an Enderman, and getting a Pearl. Aaaandd... if you have the Pearl, but no Rods, and no Portal, it will show the same video of the player making a portal. If you do have the Portal, it will show a player killing a Blaze.

If you've got both, it will show a player crafting an Eye of Ender and throwing it into the air. If you've done this, but not entered the Stronghold, (somehow it will detect when you enter it) the next vision you will see is the player using their Eyes of Ender to find the Stronghold and activate the portal. And that's all...

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