If you are having trouble surviving nights in Minecraft, look no further than this blog post. Here are some survival tips.


  • You don't need a pretty first-night shelter. Just focus on survival.
  • Natural formations can save mining effort.
  • Put a single gap in your shelter (Unless you have glass) to see mobs and daylight.
  • If you do not have a window cover, dig an L-shaped gap so a skeleton cannot shoot you.


  • If you have not collected coal, burn wood with wood in your furnace to make charcoal, an alternative to coal.
  • Furnaces provide a light source when cooking. 
  • You may not need food as a priority untill the second day.

Time Management

  • First, mine trees untill you have at least 16 wood blocks..
  • Then make wood planks and a crafting table.
  • Then make all nesecarry tools, especcially a pickaxe. Other tools can wait.
  • Mine stone and coal, and make a first-day shelter.
  • One day only lasts ten minutes.

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