aka Noctis.

  • I live in Moga Village.
  • My occupation is hunter.
  • I am confused...
  • PaganZombie

    I've noticed that many pages have not been attended to lately. Like the cat page was a pre 1.2 page. Many pages that are not dead-ends say they are indeed dead ends. Many pages need to be wikify.

    If you wish to help, join me in my Get Rid of Wikify Movement, a movement to add information to the pages.

    I've comprised a list of pages that need information or photos. The list will be updated every so often.


    Survival Test: page made by me. Needs photos and trivia.

    That's all I have for now, but don't just go by the list. Update any wikify pages that you see, please.

    If you need help with updating a page, please post the page's name and what it needs in this blog.

    I want to make this the hub for updating pages.

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  • PaganZombie

    Write em here!

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