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  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Dank memes
  • I am Harambe
  • Poisoon140

    Ideas For New Mods

    September 29, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Some of my ideas for new mods.

    These are blocks that has a high chance to create Kirbies. It takes about 5 seconds to mine with a regular pickaxe, 4 with silver, 3 with budder, and 1 with diamond. Mining one will give 1-3 Star Candies, but agitate any nearby Kirbies.

    They restore 15 hunger and 2 hearts

    He is a neutral mod that can be found by star blocks. Destroying Star Blocks in a 10 block radius will make him be agitated and chase you. From far away, he can spit stars (half a heart damage per hit, the stars explode and do 2 heart of damage on hard). If he is close enough, he will rapidly pummel you (1 heart per hit, he can stay on you until you attack him off on hard).  If he is agitated and you are 30 blocks or more away, he will chase yo…

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  • Poisoon140

    RP: Battles Everywhere

    August 27, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Hello! I have made a Roleplaying Game for the first time! You choose your character. Also, any character can attack, even hostile ones!

    • Steve 
    • Yellow Steve
    •  Red Steve
    • Green Steve
    • Blue Steve
    • Cyan Steve (Me)
    • Zombie (10 spots avalible)
    • Creeper (10 spots avalible)
    • Skeleton (10 spots avalible)
    • Spider (10 spots avalible)
    • Spider Jockey (5 spots avalible)
    • Cave Spider (5 spots avalible)
    • Slime (5 spots avalible)
    • Lava Cube (5 spots avalible)
    • Giant (3 spots avalible)
    • Ghost (made up by me) (3 spots avalible)
    • Pig (10 spots avalible)
    • Chicken (10 spots avalible)
    • Cow (10 spots avalible)
    • Mooshroom (5 spots avalible)
    • Villager (10 spots avalible)
    • Fire Block Caterpillar (made up by me) 
    • Kirby (made up by me) (10 spots avalible)
    • Robot (made up by me) (9 spots avalible) (Lord Of The Ri…

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  • Poisoon140

    Death Glitch

    August 27, 2013 by Poisoon140

    Hello, fellow crafters! I have encountered a glitch I would like to call "Death Glitch". It all started when I went to a survival world. It was night. And then I got the message saying that I died. Either it is just a coincidince, or a major glitch. Has anyone else seen this glitch?

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