Hello! I have made a Roleplaying Game for the first time! You choose your character. Also, any character can attack, even hostile ones!


  • Steve 
  • Yellow Steve
  •  Red Steve
  • Green Steve
  • Blue Steve
  • Cyan Steve (Me)
  • Zombie (10 spots avalible)
  • Creeper (10 spots avalible)
  • Skeleton (10 spots avalible)
  • Spider (10 spots avalible)
  • Spider Jockey (5 spots avalible)
  • Cave Spider (5 spots avalible)
  • Slime (5 spots avalible)
  • Lava Cube (5 spots avalible)
  • Giant (3 spots avalible)
  • Ghost (made up by me) (3 spots avalible)
  • Pig (10 spots avalible)
  • Chicken (10 spots avalible)
  • Cow (10 spots avalible)
  • Mooshroom (5 spots avalible)
  • Villager (10 spots avalible)
  • Fire Block Caterpillar (made up by me) 
  • Kirby (made up by me) (10 spots avalible)
  • Robot (made up by me) (9 spots avalible) (Lord Of The Rings)

Attacks For "Made Up By Me" Characters


  • Spitting Stars (3 damage per hit)

Fire Block Caterpillar

  • Flamethrower  (must charge up) (stationary attack) (10 damage)
  • Turning Blocks Into Fire Blocks (changes enviroment) (doesn't work on water and can't turn mobs to fire mobs)
  • Magma Cube Spit (enemy spawning) (is always big size)


  • Haunt (only affects mobs that aren't being played as or are nonplayable (such as an 11th cow))
  • Scare (does twice as much from behind) (5 damage)
  • Disapear (defense move) (makes the ghost unable to attack or be attacked or move for a while)


  • Shock (can riccochet) (can electrocute steel) (3 damage)
  • Lazer (bounces off glass and steel) (5 damage)
  • Malfunction (happens if the flip a coin for the robot's attack is tails after 3 flips or if chosen (but nobody in their right mind would)) (The robot turns off. The attack it tried to do (unless it was actually this attack) cannot be done and the robot cannot attack unless attacked or fixed (which nobody in thier right mind would do unless that person and the robot were in a secret team (did I mention that this is free for all?)))


Everybody has 100 health.

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