I used to love MC Legends. Especialy the prison. I mean I'm right now nicknamed LolParty. But the prison is now HORIBLE!! Bullies everwhere. Faults and flaws around every corner. I'll start with the worst. His real MC IGN is NickPvP_. He has legend. But boy do they abuse it. I mean super speed, too OP Swords, good armor. Worse part is they run around Acolyte PVP mine like they own the server. He's just a d*ck. A floppy one too. Next is the realms. Scams and sizes. There are too many scams and the realms are too small. Finally, oh gawd, the noobs. Armorlesses try to take you down like THEY own the place. 

These are some of the many reasons MC Legends needs WAY more staff and why NickPvP_ be banned for life.

Elite rank ftw. Pay meh 400,000,000 if u ever meet meh.

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