• QuickWhitt7

    Hello, members of the . In this blog post, I have hand picked a few suggestions from various sources such as r/MinecraftSuggestions that I feel would make for a great addition/change to the game. So let's get started:

    • Gold Plaque
      • Craftable using a Sign and 8 Gold Nuggets
      • For aesthetic purposes, same function as a sign
    • Door Bell
      • Crafted using 1 Note Block and 1 Stone Button
      • Plays a doorbell sound when right-clicked
    • Table
      • For aesthetic purposes only
      • Crafted using 1 Stick and 3 Wood Planks/Cobblestone/Nether Brick
    • New, realistic sounds
      • Water droplets in caves
      • Wind
      • More ambience in the Nether and the End
      • Sheathing and unsheathing a sword

    Ask me what my favorite animal is, and I will not hesitate a single second to say that I love owls. I think they are cute a…

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  • QuickWhitt7

    Hello there! Today, I do blog post about my thoughts on the game. :3

    Minecraft has been and continues to be my absolute most favorite game, simply because the possibilities are endless. Not to mention it's more popular than ever – it's being used for educational purposes, charitable purposes, and other purposes. It's simply a great game.


    Enough praising. Now it's time to get critical!

    No game is going to be perfect, not even Minecraft. It'll always be bugged in some way because it is constantly updating. Besides, the graphics aren't the best but I can look past that. And the fanbase is made fun of because we like a childish game. Who cares?

    Speaking of the fanbase:

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