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  • RHino7898


    June 8, 2016 by RHino7898


    New slabs, stairs and carved blocks such as: iron slabs, gold slabs, diamond slabs, emerald slabs and slime slabs(less bouncy then slime blocks)

    String ladders(needs new name): crafted like a normal ladder, but with string; it allows only players to climb.(see below for more information)

    Salt ore: Found underground with the same rareness of redstone. Smelted for salt(see below).


    The undead(can't think of a name): looks like half zombie, half skeleton, is either fast like a skeleton and has the zombie attack, or is slow like a zombie but has a bow like a skeleton. Random at spawn.


    Mobs like endermen, zombies and the undead(see above) without bows can climb normal ladders but can't climb string ladders(see above).

    Items Salt: Ob…

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  • RHino7898

    How Steve met Alex

    May 9, 2016 by RHino7898

    Hi, I'm planning to make a story called "How Steve met Alex". Please leave any ideas for the story in the comments.

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  • RHino7898


    May 5, 2016 by RHino7898

    Hi, I just wanted to say that minecraft is one of the best and most awesome games I have ever played, giving you a chance to play on your own and with your friends. There are so many mini games that can be made it has endless fun. Also in survival there is an infinite amount of things you can do and craft. Also if your getting bored then you can just download some mods and texture packs and you have a whole new amount of things you can do. It's amazing.

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