New slabs, stairs and carved blocks such as: iron slabs, gold slabs, diamond slabs, emerald slabs and slime slabs(less bouncy then slime blocks)

String ladders(needs new name): crafted like a normal ladder, but with string; it allows only players to climb.(see below for more information)

Salt ore: Found underground with the same rareness of redstone. Smelted for salt(see below).


The undead(can't think of a name): looks like half zombie, half skeleton, is either fast like a skeleton and has the zombie attack, or is slow like a zombie but has a bow like a skeleton. Random at spawn.


Mobs like endermen, zombies and the undead(see above) without bows can climb normal ladders but can't climb string ladders(see above).

Items Salt: Obtained by smelting salt ore(See above).

Chips: Obtained by putting baked potato and salt together in a crafting table. Eat to get three and a quarter hunger bars back.

Battered fish: Craft bread and cooked fish together. Eat to get three and a half hunger back.

Fish and chips: Craft battered fish and Chips together. Eat to get all your hunger back.

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