I saw him! i was in my unfinised 3 story house whitch was odd becuse i normally dont build houses, i normally tunnel. But anyway, as i was building the 3rd story, i ran out of wood. so i whent to get more. but once i got back, there was water spilling out the 1st story windows and my 2nd story balcony was soild burning Netherahk. on the half finised 3rd story i saw Herobrine standing in front of a huge diamond studded throne with a nether portol as the back of it. around him was a wall of flaming bedrock. i went in my house and found a whole set of diomond armor and wepons. i grabbed them and then climbed to the top story and charged creepers started poring out of the nether portol. i dodged them an ran to herobrine, sword ready. then TNT rose out of the floor and he lit it with his mind. it blew up at the same time as the creepers and i managed to escape with one half heart left and saw him run of into the distance. i shot some arrows at him and then he dissapered. thinking he was dead, i got back up and and grabbed some food to heal. once my hearts where full, i left for water and wood to put out the fires and rebuild. but when i got back, i saw spiders acting like people and talking and doing stuff in the wreckage of my house. i got close to one and they all attack me. then herobrine emerged from a hole in the ground that i never knew was there and made an army of creepers to attack then walked up to me and killed me in one punch! i decided to respawn but then herobrine shows up in golden armour and starts batting me around with a piece of flint! HEROBRINE IS EVIL!!!!

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